Board of Directors Candidate Information

Once you have read through this information there is a link below to become a candidate.

Who Can Serve?

In order to be eligible to serve on the Board, you must be an owner in good standing by the election date when your term would begin. If you aren’t already an owner, you may become one by purchasing an ownership consisting of two (2) shares of Green Tomato Grocery (GTG) common stock. Only one member of a family or household can serve on the Board at a time.

If you have any questions about eligibility or want to submit your Candidate Statement (and picture) digitally, contact the current Board of Directors at

About the Board Election

Our co-op goal for the 2016 election is to seat a 5 to 7-member Board of Directors (BoD), with each Director serving a 3-year term commencing at the Annual Meeting of Owners September 30, 2016.

How to Run

To become a candidate fill out and turn in the Declaration of Candidacy attached here, available through the BoD or other GTG committee members. It should be submitted to the BoD via email or USPS to the address above. If you wish to submit in person, please do so to our BoD Secretary, Jennifer Echert, at 34 N Island Ave, Suite F, Batavia IL 60510. Please keep a copy for yourself. 

The deadline to declare candidacy and submit statements is September 15, 2016You will then be represented on the ballot and on our electronic communications (email, website, facebooketc).

Time Commitment

There will be regular monthly meetings of the BoD. There will likely be one or two meetings per year for planning and focused work. The amount of time spent per week can vary quite a bit and is a function of two things: the work the BoD agrees to do and an individual’s time availability. Board members may participate in other committees and will be expected to attend any ownership meetings and are encouraged to attend GTG events to and to help publicize and promote our Co-op.

Is Experience Necessary?

No, though some experience with GTG is helpful, because it means you’ll catch on more quickly to what we are working to achieve and what your role will be. What counts the most is your enthusiasm, interest in the GTG, good sense, and willingness to help reach our goals. 
Any time invested in learning about the cooperative model will be well spent. There is an abundance of information please let us know if you need resources.

Legal Liabilities

Directors are covered by errors & omissions insurance which the Co-op will maintain. This insurance protects all Directors from acts and/or errors that are not deliberately undermining the Co-op. Click here to view the policy
The BoD will be legally responsible for running the Co-op. Directors have the responsibility to keep informed, to think carefully, and to act for what they believe are the best interests of the Co-op. Directors cannot be held liable for losses resulting from errors of judgment and  they are not insurers of Co-op success. Directors may be held liable if they are negligent, dishonest, or disloyal. Negligence means failure to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the same circumstances. Disloyalty includes using a Director’s position to gain special advantages for oneself, or anything done knowing that it works against the best interest of the Co-op as a whole.

Candidate's Statement

We encourage you to decide early that you are running, so we can get your candidate's statement into circulation within the ownership. 
In your statement you can explain your involvement with the Co-op, your qualifications for being a Director, your views of the Co-op, and anything else you think is important. We offer the following questions as a guide for writing your statement, although you aren't required to answer them.

  • What most interests you in serving on this Board? 
  • Are you able to commit time to Board and committee work? 
  • What other boards or committees have you served on (and your dates of service)? 
  • What is your professional / career background? 
  • What is your other experience with cooperatives or businesses? 
  • Are there areas you would like to devote your time towards?

Please limit your statements to 350 words. Please include your name and phone number (and/or email address). Tell us whether you want this contact information published. We will not edit your statement, but we may call and ask to “translate” your writings. 
Plan to attend the Annual Ownership Meeting on September 30, 2016 to vote and learn the results of the election.